How Often Do I Blog?

I figured it would be easy to do a blog entry every day. Boy was I wrong about that. I am into week three of my “semi-retirement” and I am not quite into any pattern. It is not quite real until I reach March 25th and there is no paycheck from Mutual of Omaha! Than it is real. Right now I am on vacation.

I have been working on creating abstracts and presentations to submit to conferences. I have also been working on my six session webinar for Your Clear Next Step. Please find a link to the webinar information on my Events page Please also check my events page for the events I will be speaking at. I have been asked or accepted to speak at a few more but I don’t think it is public knowledge yet so I haven’t added some of them.

This is not a complaint but it is a time consuming process to create abstracts and presentations. I am certain that you get a bit quicker over time with a lot of practice. Also once you have about five core presentations, you can tweak those which eliminates starting fresh every time. I still am not sure how often I will blog but I will commit to once a week. I will go from there. The jury is still out on my “new boss” so we will see how that goes. Until next time, smile more and frown less. It is so much easier to be happy!

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