The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit

Have you read the postings about my upcoming Six Part Virtual Business Analysis Coaching Series through Your Clear Next Step? If you are a Business Analyst (BA), have you signed up? If not, why not? This series is targeted at helping new BA’s accelerate their careers. Intermediate BA’s can obtain skills to become a Senior BA. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? If you manage BA’s have you signed any of them up, if not, why not? Space is limited so act now. The first session starts on March 17, 2020 which includes the “Luck of the Irish” at no extra charge. Here’s the link to register or get more information:

There are many tools that a BA uses but to be successful they need to go beyond models and the hard skills. If a BA can’t talk or collaborate with people, they will not be successful. 85% of what a BA does involves the soft skills. The Virtual BA Coaching will involve group and one-on-one interaction. There are questions of preparation for the attendees to review before the sessions and questions for reflection after each session. The attendees can also submit questions they want answered before the sessions and will have ample opportunity to ask questions during the sessions.

I have been known to interject humor into my presentations and also I am skilled at breaking down complex topics into smaller and more understandable parts. I have also been known to use real life stories from my 35 years in Corporate America to illustrate samples. Each of the sessions will build and relate to each other. The last session is where I go through a brief review to tie all of the sessions together. Once again there will be plenty of time for questions.

Still not convinced? I know you have noticed all of the social media posts from Your Clear Next Step, Sinikka Waugh, and myself the last few weeks. I am honored to be partnered with Sinikka Waugh and her company. This is an excellent opportunity to sharpen your skills and add to your personal brand. You will not be disappointed, register today. Please don’t wait until all the space is sold out!

Please enjoy this short video that further explains why BA’s should sign up for this six part Virtual BA Coaching series. This video will make you smile, 100% guarantee of that.

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