My Chapter Two – The First 46 Days

In some ways it seems many years ago since I walked out of Mutual on January 31st. I started my adventure to Chapter Two of my career. It has only been 46 days and can only be described as WOW!

My new business involves speaking in person at conferences and Virtual BA Training. Now conferences can be cancelled, postponed or be handled virtually. I do almost all my work for IIBA either virtually, email or phone. In the time I have been home, I have completed all the set up for my business, created and completed many presentations, and yesterday presented the first session for my Virtual BA Training in conjunction with Your Clear Next Step. I feel it went well.

I also arranged and kept my eye on a basement renovation, celebrated a birthday, had a retirement party, finished my website and blog, and gathered all my documents for taxes.  I consulted with my CPA and financial planners.  

I also started to declutter my home office and welcomed an office mate. My husband is now working from home so the spare bedroom had to be cleared out and rearranged in one night. I am the CTO for the family so I made four trips to Best Buy for an extender, splitter, and several ethernet cables. By Monday the shortage of ethernet cables is worse than the toilet paper! He had to bring home a second amplifier for the phone due to defective equipment and his own PICNIC (Problem in Chair Not in Computer).

The arrangement has worked out much better than I imagined as we are so different. If you read in a future blog, I have rented an office, you will know it went south! I worked from home for 11 years and I love being home full time now. I will travel whenever the pandemic calms down. Some of my friends have told me that my retirement caused world devastation. This was not my plans and will require adjustment.

I am one of those eternal optimists who believes that something good always comes out of something bad. I also rely on the Four F’s to guide me – Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun. I always retain my sense of humor because it takes so much less effort to laugh than to get all upset. I take this COVID-19 seriously but I refuse to panic. I post several funny things daily on Facebook to make people laugh. That is truly my goal as life is not a dress rehearsal and we need to live every day.

I will sign off for now but I hope I have made you smile, laugh, chuckle or all three. If any of you have any virtual training needs, please get in touch. Feel free to share this blog with your network. Please subscribe to my blog and my website. I need to end with a shout out to all my former Mutual of Omaha buddies. They are all working from home because of an employee with a confirmed case of COVID-19. I hope they all are staying healthy and safe.

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