About Us

Judy Alter CEO & Owner

Currently operating out of Omaha, Judy was raised in Bellevue.  She is a self proclaimed “sports nut” and a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.   Married for almost 29 years to her husband Terry and they now both work from home. In her spare time Judy loves to read and surf the net.

Judy dedicated 35+ years to the Mutual of Omaha before retiring in January 2020.  The last 15 years she spent as a Senior Business Systems Analyst utilizing her best talent as a trainer and mentor.  Over the last seven years Judy worked on several high-profile projects helping to save millions of dollars.

Her skills as a leader are well established.  For her, it’s all about the people, whether that be team mates on the project, working on requirements elicitation or a friend with a problem. 

In 2018 when she took the skill finder her top signature theme was Realtor with Self-Assurance, Analytical, Deliberative and Achiever rounding out her top five. 

Being self-employed is new for Judy, but she figured out early in her career how to formulate and nurture her network.  This inner circle is confident she will succeed because she is pursuing her passion.  Hire her to speak, teach, mentor or train your employees.  You will not be disappointed. 

Mission Statement:

Sharing my expertise with ingenuity, innovation and originality using humor and integrity.

Vision Statement:

  • Speak locally, regionally, nationally, and world-wide
  • Motivate and inspire sharing years of experience and knowledge
  • Educate others on the various areas of business analysis and leadership

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