A Poll You Want to Take

It has been three months since my last blog post. I know that almost sounds like an opening to attending confession with a priest. I am not even making excuses or promises, but I have been handling many of the internal workings of my business. I do hope to get to some cadence, but I am unsure of what that is.

I have been working on my brand, pondering logos and marketing. Anyone who knows me realizes I am not an artist, and this is way outside of my talent zone. Well, I have people for that. That seems slightly surreal to me, right? I have hired graphic designers to create my logos, brand, freshen up this website, and other things. There are only five people who know what my moniker is going to be. The next part is where all of you come in.

Below is a list of five monikers I considered. I am going to be releasing this in the middle of August. I decided to have a contest to determine who knows me the best. All of the people who select the correct one will be part of a drawing for a Free One Hour Coaching Consultation with me! I will award two prizes.

To enter, read the five choices below and scroll to the comments section at the bottom of this page. Please indicate your selection by entering the number or name for your choice. Also, add your email in the comments section. Yes, I will add you to my mailing list, I have not sent out any emails. I am confident I will not be sending emails at a spam pace. I hope you have some fun with this. I know I will, especially if the people who know me the best, don’t pick the correct moniker.

The Five Choices:

  1. The Funny BA
  2. The Optimistic BA
  3. The Story-Teller BA
  4. The Friendly BA
  5. The Humorous BA

Pandemic: New Business, Many Opportunities

I can’t believe I thought I would blog every day. Wow I have only blogged once every month. I do need to get better, that’s for sure. Much has happened since my last entry just over one month ago especially with the pandemic. The one thing I do know is I made the right decision to retire and start my own business. Since I worked for the same company for over 35 years, I never took many risks with my career. Some people may question the timing but actually the climate has opened up new opportunities.

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The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit

Have you read the postings about my upcoming Six Part Virtual Business Analysis Coaching Series through Your Clear Next Step? If you are a Business Analyst (BA), have you signed up? If not, why not? This series is targeted at helping new BA’s accelerate their careers. Intermediate BA’s can obtain skills to become a Senior BA. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? If you manage BA’s have you signed any of them up, if not, why not? Space is limited so act now. The first session starts on March 17, 2020 which includes the “Luck of the Irish” at no extra charge. Here’s the link to register or get more information: https://www.yourclearnextstep.com/the-human-aspect-of-the-ba-toolkit/

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